Elopement in Croatia

I remember not long ago talking with my photographer about elopements and the concept of those types of wedding. He was quite surprised that the trend is getting bigger and more popular as the fact is as long as weddings exist people like to share their day with their loved ones.

Once two people decide they are ready to say yes to love each other forever wedding planning starts. It seams as an easy task and easy thing to do because most brides know how their wedding should look like since they were three years old, but soon wedding planning stops being fun and starts being quite stress full. Wedding market is full with options and suppliers and everything looks amazing on pictures. Then everyone have their own opinion family, friends, colleagues and all of that gets to you. But the biggest dilemma comes when you see the prices and multiply them with the number of people coming to your wedding and of course that number is at least 200.

The idea of wedding without stress is getting more and more popular. Elopement gives you space to create a wedding ceremony of your dreams at most special location and Croatia as a destination for elopement gives you so many great locations to choose from. Elopement is a solution, because you can still celebrate your love, have the perfect wedding dress, flowers and decor and when the wedding ceremony ends honeymoon starts as you are in Croatia and you have so many amazing things to see.

Definition of elopement was always run to Las Vegas and be wed by a fake Elvis Presley but elopements have come so far from that definition. Elopements are full of innovative ideas, style, beautiful dresses and lots of flowers. Open air locations, waterfalls, castles, lavender fields, mountain tops or old city ruins look much better then an Elvis Presley chapel don’t you think so?

Split republic square

If you are not a type for a big wedding and a lot of wedding planning that lasts a full year, elope!

If you need help with planning your elopement in Croatia contact our team thru mail address sbweddingscroatia@gmail.com