Frequently asked questions to a wedding planner

1. Why do I need a wedding planner?

Wedding planner is a person who will make your dreams come to reality and during the period of planning you won’t be under a lot of stress trying to choose between all the vendors, meeting them to see what they offer, deal with contracts, etc. This doesn’t mean you will be excluded from your own wedding all the vendors will be chosen by you, wedding planner won’t plan your wedding the way they would like their own to be. Wedding planner will understand your wishes and that will be the base to offer the vendors that will match your style and your wedding ideas. You should look at the wedding planner as your best friend during the wedding planning process. Someone who will make your dream wedding happen without stress.

Bride and groom are usually offered by family members to help them with their wedding but most of them tend to suggest ideas they would like. Wedding planner is here to plan everything the way you imagined.

2. What is included in your service?

Our wedding planning service includes planning from the moment you choose our company as a provider of wedding planning service, recommending vendors, doing the paper work for the ceremony and contracts for vendors and wedding day coordination to make sure everything is just as we planned and as you dreamed about.

We also do just wedding day coordination without full wedding planning or just consultations for couples that would like to plan their own wedding.

3. Do you double book wedding days?

We do not double book weddings on the same day. We think that we should be fully present for the wedding we book. Coordination is a process that takes a lot of time on the wedding day, there are always situations that need to be solved and that will take time from the both of us to make everything the way bride and groom dreamed of.

4. Why do I need a wedding planner if my venue has a coordinator?

Most of the good venues have an event coordinator. The most important difference between a wedding planner and venue coordinator is that a venue coordinator works for the venue, and a wedding planner works for the couple. A venue coordinator will be dealing with all the aspects of the venue such as set up, the staff, food, etc. They will want everything to go great, so the venue is up to everyone’s expectation. A wedding planner is there to oversee the setup from all vendors, answer any questions, take care of any problems, and to make sure everything is exactly as the couple wants it.

5. Do you only work with certain venues and suppliers?

Well the answer on this question is no, if you have some specific location you would like or a vendor you would like we are open for that. This is your day and your decision, and we will always respect that. The benefit of using our recommended venues and suppliers is that they are tried and tested. We know that they are reliable, and we will recommend them with more confidence than those that we have not used before.

6. Can you assist my pre/post wedding party?

Of course. This is the most amazing thing about having a destination wedding. Your guests will be at the destination for few days and you will be able to host pre or post wedding party and this is something we would always recommend. A boat ride, poolside bbq, wine tasting or something else you would like. This will give your guests a full experience.

7. Is there a minimum budget you work with?

No. I would say that every wedding is different. We plan all kinds of events from intimate elopements to big glamourous weddings. While planning a wedding it is important to be aware of the prices and we make sure that we are transparent and let bride and groom know what something they want would cost. As amazing as it would be, we can’t make everything possible, so whilst we will always try to make things as cost effective as possible for you, there is a limit. If something isn’t feasible within your preferred price point, then we will tell you and make alternative suggestions instead that may be more suitable.

8. How early should we start wedding planning?

If you ask me ideal is a year to 6 months prior the wedding, but as I said million times every wedding is different, and every bride and groom are different. We had weddings that were planned in a month but also, we had weddings that were being planned for 15 months.  Planning process depends how specific wishes of bride and groom really are. If you have venue you want or some of the vendors you really want it is important to book that as soon as possible. If you are flexible and just have a style you would like we will need less time.

9. What areas do you service?

We are based in Split, most of the weddings we do are in Split, Hvar, Vis, Brač, Šolta and Zadar but we are more than happy to work in every part of Croatia.

10. Do you plan only weddings, or you also do events?

We plan both weddings and events. Weddings are our priority and that is something we do the most but we also plan corporate events, anniversary’s and any other event of importance for you and your close ones.