Full wedding planning

Wedding planning service covers every part of the most important event in your life. Our team’s goal is to make all your dreams came true so your wedding in Croatia would be unique and perfect. Starting with finding the perfect location, designing wedding concept which will be base for every detail to be at it’s place on your special day.

The most important role of our team is full support for the bride and groom so wedding day would be stressless and you would be able to enjoy your wedding day. Wedding planner is your best friend in the proces of planning your dream day.

Coordination on the wedding day

You enjoy planning your wedding but you want to avoid the stress on that day?! Wedding coordinator is the person you need and our team is here to make all your dreams come true. We will make sure everything is on it’s place and you just enjoy your special day. Your wedding is your day to be happy and we will take care of logistics, flowers and deadlines. Our team has experiance and knowledge to make your wedding in Croatia more beautiful then you imagined ( not available from 15.5-15.9)


Consultations with wedding planner are ideal for those brides and grooms who are planning their own wedding but they need some advices with part of their wedding in Croatia,  help with some details or help with some special project. We recommend wedding consultations if you have some dilemmas in wedding planning proces so your wedding would be flawless.

Wedding package

Wedding package is an ultimate destination wedding weekend experiance for your guests.

Includes planning and coordination of pre wedding, wedding and post wedding day. We design a beautiful and one-of-a-kind event concept, infused with fresh thinking and ideas that tailored to your lifestyle. Everything is considered from the little details to those high-impact, wow factor elements, to create the most memorable experience for you and your guests. A carefully designed experience, that’s nothing short of breathtaking.


Our team will design and plan every type of event that is important for you and your loved ones like birthdays, anneversarys, baptisms but also corporate events so you can celebrate your buisness achivements with style. Contact our team for your unique event in Croatia you will remember always.

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