Weddings in Split

Split is the second largest town in Croatia, a small country on the Adriatic coast. But when you walk thru the old streets of the town’s city centre and stop random people with one simple question – Can you tell me something about Split? It is  100% that you will get the same answer from every one of them. – Split is the most beautiful place in the world. And let me tell you something, it really is.  Split has it all, beautiful nature, amazing beaches with clear sea and historic backgeound. As we locals like to say, if it was good for Diocletian it is good for everyone.

The world of weddings is changing and couples tend to have small weddings on the beach, in the woods or with breathtaking views. When you add some lavander and olive tree branches to these locations you will have a beautiful meditteranian wedding in the most beautiful place in the world.

Modern bride and groom want their guests to have an amazing experiance accompanied with good food and wine and Split is the ideal to have all of that in one place so guests can experiance location as locals do.

If you let it Split will have your heart at first sight and is there a better place then to say yes to the love of your life.

Destination weddings are a big trend now days and trust me when in doubt about location choose Split, you won’t be sorry. You will have the best meditteranian experiance and best photos to brag with for eternity.


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